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Welcome! to Radiant-Lite - Energy-efficient - High Quality - & Environmentally Friendly Brand

50 Years

With over 50 Years of Combined knowledge and experience in the Lighting Industry, Radiant-Lite is a Leading Manufacturer of Quality Lighting Products, High-Performance and Energy Efficient Lighting. Introducing Products with Modern Innovation & Cutting Edge Technology, we are committed to Excellence in Customer Satisfaction & High Quality Products.

Unconditional Warranties

All of our Products are backed by Unconditional Warranties. We have the most reliable Technology and ongoing support available in the Lighting Industry today. The landscape of the Lighting Industry is changing rapidly. The LED and Solar Revolution combined with Modern Technology provides superior lighting for a fraction of the energy costs and lasts up to 10 times longer.

Art LED Lighting

We offer both, replacements for current lighting and state of the art LED lighting. We offer the most energy-efficient and environmentally friendly products for commercial, industrial and residential lighting. Our Product Line includes compact fluorescent lamps, halogen lamps, linear and high bay systems, exit and emergency lighting, HID, energy-efficient linear fixtures, revolutionary LED lighting, solar lighting, fixtures, street lights, HID ballast, electronic ballast, igniters, and capacitors.

High-performance - High-efficiency

Radiant-Lite brings innovation and technology into our homes, businesses, parks and streets. Solar panels create electricity, revolutionary LED and CFL’s are manufactured to produce high-performance, high-efficiency solutions that enrich our environment and lives. Radiant-Lite’s knowledge, experience and commitment to innovative growth and technology will continue to bring the best the lighting industry has to offer to our customers.

Custom-made Products

Radiant-Lite has become a leading manufacturer and expert lighting solution provider in industrialized and outdoor lighting field. Furthermore, Radiant-Lite has experience in developing custom-made products. We can offer customers superior solutions from designing, sampling, and developing to accumulating, with factories, distribution warehouses and sales offices located in North America.

Electrical Wholesalers

Radiant-Lite’s, electrical wholesalers and lighting specialty corporations throughout North America are turning to Radiant-Lite for an exceptional permutation of dependable, Iow priced, high quality lighting products. Product development is a high significance at Radiant-Lite. We are also working to expand the Radiant-Lite product line. New products are frequently being added to our lamp, Ballast, & LED Catalogs.

Leading Manufacturer

Radiant-Lite is a Leading Manufacturer of Quality Lighting Products, High-Performance and Energy Efficient Lighting. Fixtures, Lamps, Ballast, and LEDs.

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